RMT600 - RMT5000 product launch

April 28, 2017
RE: Romet RMT Meter Launch 
At Romet, we take pride in developing new and improved products for the natural gas industry.  As noted earlier this year, Romet will be launching several new products in 2017. 
Phase one of the launch includes the full production release of the new Romet RMT meter (Rotary Meter Technology) in imperial sizes from 600 cfh to 5m.  The advancement in our product has been over three years in development and leverages our over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision rotary meters and ancillary equipment for the natural gas industry.  The product is fully compliant and tested to ANSI B109.3.
Phase two of this project which is scheduled to be released in the fall of this year will extend the RMT size ranges from RMT7000 – RMT23000.
We think you will find many benefits in the review and approval of this product.  A few features of the meter include:
-  Lower Start Rates
-  Greater rangability
-  Pinned metal gears
-  Independent mechanical backup counter - standard
-  Mechanical TC now available in 600, 1000, and 1500 CFH
-  Bossed o-ring plugs
For additional information, please contact Romet or your regional sales representative.
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